About Brown Bowen and Company Shirts

Our premium button-down shirts are made of 100% cotton and high-quality cotton yarns. The Wrinkle-Free finish ensures minimal wrinkling and creasing, perfect for moms with active boys. This shirt is a dream come true for moms and boys!

What makes our shirts better than others?

  • The Wrinkle-Free finish
  • Classic, clean design
  • A fit for all size boys
  • Stylish embroidery

How do I take care of my Wrinkle-Free clothes?

Gentle washing is recommended to maintain the performance of our Wrinkle-Free finished clothing. Dry cleaning is not recommended.

Is the fabric treated or fibers coated prior to weaving?

Our yarns are treated in a safe and controlled process that enables the cotton in the shirts to become Wrinkle-Free.

How do Brown Bowen and Company clothes fit?

We design our clothes with a comfortable classic style with a modern touch. Visit our Size Charts page to see measurements and size comparisons.